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Hey, I'm Erika

This is supposed to be the page where you learn all about me...

I'll be honest with you, I don’t even know ALL there is to know about me. I’m still evolving and learning all sorts of new stuff about myself daily! It’s quite a fascinating process - this evolution thing, I mean. I think ERIKA of 10 years ago would be both impressed and shocked at how she’s turning out. 

Here’s what I can tell you though, I am passionate about what I do: Helping women leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives align with their values and use their voices as an act of wellness, empowerment and social justice. 

I know, people don’t typically think of wellness or mental health therapy as a form of social justice.

I’m trying to change that. 

I mean, think about it. How many times have you been in a situation (like in a relationship, or a boardroom) and felt like your voice didn’t matter or your interest or authority was minimized?  

How did that impact other areas of your life…  

My guess is, you went through a range of emotions. Productivity likely decreased for a few days. You probably started “mind screaming” obscenities at your offenders (you know, phrases that express disbelief at what you heard or experienced… WTF or TGMFU are common ones). After that, you most likely started second guessing yourself or your abilities. At some point, you unknowingly started altering your behavior to fit the expectation of those you assume hold the power in the situation.

A woman disempowered... is indeed a social justice issue.

Well, you can only fit into somebody else’s mold for so long before you’re overwhelmed, anxious, and about 4 - 5 seconds from burnout. You suffer, your relationships suffer, your creativity is stifled, your writing is blocked, you’re not leading from a place of strength, your business and team are in disarray. 

Doesn’t really matter how you got there. The point is, having your voice silenced diminishes your confidence, impacts your overall mental health, and makes you feel disempowered. 

When a woman is disempowered in any part of her life, that, my friend, is indeed a social justice issue. 

I believe there's a clarity and courage that rises to the surface when a woman feels empowered to make intentional value aligned decisions in her life and business. She is less likely to bend, mold, and shrink herself into who other people think she should be and is more likely to set boundaries that bring balance to her life. When women feel empowered, their thoughts, actions, and words are in service to the disruption of disproportionate power dynamics, and exclusionary practices that aim to keep them or other marginalized communities from being seen, heard, humanized, educated and represented fairly. 

DSC_0932 (3) copy.JPG

Watching the transformation is magical.

My favorite thing about the work that I do Is being able to watch the transformation in my clients.


I love working with women who are creatives, leaders, or entrepreneurs who have dreams of making a powerful impact with the work that they do, with the things that they create, or with the way that they lead people.

These are women who are "killin' it"  in their professional spaces but there's still this huge disconnect between that and who they are in their personal lives.


Watching them transform their mindsets to bring alignment between those two parts, is the most magical thing in the world to me because I get to watch these women reclaim their voices,  elevate their confidence, and step into their becoming! It's the kind of magic that changes their lives and the lives of the people they touch.

Before all that...

Before I adopted Wellness and Women’s Empowerment as my personal and professional mission...


I went to school at the University of Central Arkansas as a "non-traditional" student - a politically correct way to say I was the oldest in my classes. I was 32 at the time, and a single mama of 3 boys. My goal was to finish my Bachelors degree in Psychology before my oldest son graduated high school... I DID THAT!

Since that experience didn't kill me, and my son was hadn't yet graduated, I set a new goal to complete a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology... DID THAT TOO! 

Since then, I've accumulated  13+ years of clinical mental health experience by providing services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in various settings (community health establishments, schools, psychiatric facilities, detention facilities, corporate and non-profit organizations, and now private practice).

I've led wellness and empowerment conversations on national and international stages, including events with Mission Africa and Seattle GirlTrek. Right now, I am open to creating and embracing even more opportunities to spread the message of WELLNESS AS AN ACT OF EMPOWERMENT AND SOCIAL JUSTICE.

miki and the boys grad.jpeg

Coming up Next...

Like I said earlier... I AM EVOLVING. That means my dreams and projects are evolving too! Here are just a few projects I am either working on or laying the ground work to work on in the future: 

  • BLOG -When I was a kid I loved to write, but like many of us, if a gift is not nurtured it fades. WELL FRIEND, I am bringing the gift of words and voice back to life. This project is making MY INNER CHILD DANCE AND SING WITH JOY! My hope is that the blog will inspire readers to bring intentionality to how they want to show up in their lives, and embrace the courage to act in alignment with their values!

  • SHESHEDS w/ Erika Cherry ... a podcast that creates space for women of color to share their stories of all the ideas, beliefs, labels, and habits they had to SHED in order to embrace their BECOMING. THIS PROJECT HAS ME OVER THE MOON HAPPY!!

  • A BOOK!! HOLD UP Y'ALL... I AM WRITING A BOOK! Both me and 10 year ago self are SHOOK by this project! I'm super excited about it and its been such a fun experience! I don't want to reveal too much just yet... but the topic has to be clear by now... WOMEN and EMPOWERMENT!!

  • AND LASTLY... I'm leaning into finding different ways to bring WELLNESS and BALANCE into my own life! Some of the experiences I'm drawing close to are aerial yoga, more travel, and more coffee and tea dates with my tribe!


I will definitely keep the website updated with launch dates as they become more clear. BUT FOR NOW, Just know that I am here in service to help you find and walk your path towards Wellness and Empowerment!  


In Peace, Intentionality, and Empowerment 

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