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Congratulations on taking a step towards making you a priority! 

And because it is about YOU I’d really like for you to tell me a bit more about who you are and why you are seeking support and guidance at this time. 


It is extremely important that we can determine on the front end if my approach to therapy is exactly what you need. For example, several clients reach out because they are simply looking for “coping skills”. We are typically not a good match and they are referred to a provider that is more “skills based” in their practice.


While I do believe emotional regulation skills are important, I do not heavily teach them in my practice. 



Our society (and sometimes our families and cultures), has taught us that strong or difficult emotions are “bad” and that we should try to suppress them, or “just get over” them. Trying to “get over” emotional responses without UNDERSTANDING them only positions us to be right back in that same situation again - struggling with those same difficult emotions.

In my practice, My goal is  to help clients understand the WHY behind the WHAT.

Here’s what I believe to be true

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Emotional or physical responses to stressful situations are not inherently good or bad.


Emotions can provide information about what we consciously or subconsciously believe to be true about our current situation (and can often lead to discovering behavior patterns that keep us stuck in cycles of emotional distress).

By understanding your emotions in this way, you are able to choose and effectively implement the emotional regulation skills that will work FOR THAT SPECIFIC NEED.

(vs throwing all the skills at a problem and being frustrated when none of them seem to work - we’ve all been there)

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Ultimately, understanding what your emotions might be telling you gives you control to intentionally navigate your life.

(instead of being thrown all over the place by your reactive emotions - that crap is exhausting)

With that being said...

I’d love to know more about you now.

It will help me understand a bit more about your support needs. The intention is that it will also help you DISCOVER what you hope to achieve from pursuing a therapeutic relationship with me. Be honest on the form. Honesty is more for your sake than mine. While on this journey, If you're not honest about your starting points, you are likely to end up there again.  


Let’s see if we can discover your unique pathway to intentional peace, balance, and wellness. 


Erika M. Cherry, MS, LMHC

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