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Frequently Asked
Questions about F.L.O.W.

Are workshops, courses, or programs  replacements for therapy? 

No. While I am a licensed mental health counselor, being enrolled in ALIGN, F.L.O.W. is not therapy. Coaching and Consulting are not considered Healthcare and will not be reimbursed by insurance companies.

Can you be my Therapist and My Coach? 

No. I possess a certain set of skills that I will obviously use when supporting clients regardless of the role I play. However, the client/clinician relationship is governed by laws and regulations differently than a client/coach relationship. It is important that I operate with the utmost integrity when it comes to either relationship. Splitting between the two roles, jeopardizes that integrity and puts both myself and the client at risk.

If I, Schedule a 1:1 coaching session, will that be therapy since it will just be me and you?

No. Scheduling 1:1 therapy sessions can only happen if you and I have already established a therapeutic relationship that started with an intake session. An intake session is where I do a deep dive into your full psycho-social history including your family history, trauma history, drug or alcohol history, educational history, abuse history, relationship history… I’m getting in all your business. 

Scheduling a 1:1 coaching session will involve me leading you through a process of discovery to help you solve a specific problem or stuck point. There is no need for us to go through an extensive history in order for me to help you move beyond your stuck point. 

The application and discovery call process will help us determine which service will best fit your needs.


Why Does F.L.O.W. Cost so much?

Do me a favor, consider the long term benefits of finally getting off the repetitive cycles of “going through the motions” and not living the life you want. What life changes would you make if you weren’t always second guessing or doubting yourself? Would you start that business? Would you leave a toxic relationship? Would you finally speak your truth instead of playing small to make everybody else happy?
What is all that WORTH TO YOU?
Here’s the thing, You are the only one who can define the value of living a life intentionally outside limiting beliefs. You are the only one who can determine the value of reclaiming the narrative of your life. You are the only one who can determine how much an investment into your life is worth. 
If this opportunity does not reflect a solution that would bring long term value and benefits to your life, then this may not be the investment you want to make at this time.

Erika, I just don’t have time to devote to do the work right now.

Let's do a quick time audit.

Get a notebook and write down how much time you spent in “back and forth passive communication” this week.
Add in:


How much time did you spend scrolling on Instagram, TikTok or watching videos at YouTube University after you got off work or just before bed? 


How much time are you spending doing things that you don’t want to do for people that you don’t even really like? 


How much time do you spend not being able to focus on important tasks because you spend so much time thinking about what you “should’ve said” or what you’ll say “next time” your-co-worker or supervisor or partner tries to minimize your value or experience?


Calculate all that and when you’re done, make sure you add about 15% for random procrastination… add about 20% for drive time while you were off doing stuff that was actually somebody else’s responsibility.


As a matter of fact bump that to about 35% and add in all the laundry and cooking and cleaning you’ve been doing while living in a house full of half grown and fully capable humans.

Whatever number you end up with, you should probably go ahead and multiply that by 2 because I guarantee you’ve wasted some time second guessing yourself, or trying to navigate your behaviors so you could manage somebody else’s emotions…

Here’s the point:


Women are notorious for NOT making themselves a priority. We can ALWAYS find a way to convince ourselves that we “don’t have time”. When was the last time you actually took a look at the time you’ve been giving away for free?

While in FLOW, We will meet for 1 hour to teach the week's lesson; 1 Hour to mastermind as a group to discuss homework, strategies to overcome obstacles, and share wins with each other. That’s two hours a week, not including the time you devote to completing your F.L.O.W assignments (Assignment time varies per person). 

In the words of the Congresswoman Maxine Waters, it’s time for you to start RECLAIMING YOUR TIME. Again, YOU are the only one who can define how much time you are worth, and YOU are the only one who can set the boundary to protect that time. 

If you complete a time audit, and you still decide that you are not able to find time to reclaim for yourself, then this may not be the program for you. I have to be honest with you friend, trying to find your F.L.O.W. will require you to WORK and there is most definitely a time commitment to that work. 

Erika, This is really personal work and I prefer to do it alone instead of in a group.

I totally agree with you. This IS really personal work and when you are enrolled in F.L.O.W. you are DOING this work alone. In fact, nobody can do this work except you! 

I can’t do it for you and neither can anybody else in the program. Not your mama… not your sister… Nobody can do this work for you. 

No one will be able to identify the subconscious narratives that quietly dictate your navigation of life EXCEPT YOU.


No one can save you from toxic cycles of thought and behavior that keeps you from aligning with your values and worth EXCEPT YOU.. 


That, my friend, is exactly what F.L.O.W. is designed to do. It is designed to help women who are stuck in cycles of stagnation, untangle their identity from years of reinforced messages, thoughts, and behaviors that don’t move them toward their goals so they can rise up and become their own HERO.

F.L.O.W. is about Empowering you to become that hero that's coming to save YOU!. 

Erika, If I am going to be doing my own work then what’s the benefit of the group?

Because every hero has a wise council or community of other hero’s to lean on for support and collaboration.
I designed F.L.O.W. to be a group program so that each participant can have the benefit of ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT. 

I have found that women who embark upon this journey of change and evolution struggle to find appropriate support. 

They often hear messages like:
“Why are you trying to change things”?
“Can’t you just leave well enough alone”?
“Stop being selfish”. 
“Don’t be dramatic”.
“You already make a lot of money, so you can’t be that bad off”.
“You should just stay where you are. Starting over is too much work”.
“If you have to work that hard, then it must not be of God”.

Women are historically expected to stay quiet and support the systems that they are a part of - even if the system is running them in the ground. 

When women try to exist outside of narratives that were PRESCRIBED for them, they are often gaslit, minimized, made to feel shame or guilt, undervalued, underpaid and in some cases threatened with harm or even killed. 

F.L.O.W. is designed to be a community of women, embarking on a journey of individual change so that they can FIND THEIR VOICES, LIVE INTENTIONALLY ALIGNED LIVES, AND CREATE BIGGER CHANGE in the lives of their families and communities… and yes even the WORLD. 

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