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Individual Therapy


55 minutes


While I can't promise that I have a magic formula that will "fix" all the"wrongs" in your world, I can promise to help you explore where you are right now so you can take the necessary steps to bring perspective, clarity, and balance back to your life.

During our time together, we will explore past and current life experiences that may be contributing to emotional dysregulation. I will guide you into the practice of building awareness around your body - specifically your emotional and physiological responses to conflicts and stressors. These responses provide information about some of the subconscious thoughts, beliefs, or expectations you have toward yourself, others, or your environment. Understanding the subconscious nature of emotional dysregulation is key to regaining control (instead of allowing your emotions or situation to control you).

Being on this path of discovery and healing can leave you with feelings of discomfort. This is to be expected. Therefore, we'll begin our work together identifying sustainable emotional regulating skills and modes of self-care that fit naturally within your means and lifestyle while on this wellness journey.

Mental health therapy is a process that involves remembering unpleasant events and emotions; bringing awareness to destructive and self-sabotaging behavior or communication patterns; and discovering more deeply who you are at your core. However, as with any process, change and improvement takes time. Your therapeutic outcome (i.e. growth and change) will be unique to you and will depend on your level of commitment and willingness to engage in the process. My commitment is to walk with you while you discover your own path to wellness.

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