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Top West Hartford portrait Black woman Photographer Personal Branding vs headshot Portrait

Erika Michelle Cherry, MS, LMHC 

Awaken Wellness, PLLC

Psychotherapy and Life Coaching
High Performing Women of Color

Erika Michelle Cherry Black Female Therapist and Life Coach.jpg

Life is a journey...

You can't move through it without transition

The thing is, life transitions can be scary and can leave you desperately clinging to who you’ve always been while cautiously approaching (and sometimes dodging) who the transition is forcing you to become. 


At some point, you start realizing that who you’ve “always been” was never your true identity.


You're thankful for the accomplishments you've made and the life you've built for yourself 

but on the inside 

You feel lost, you’re stuck in a state of confusion, and you’re grappling with the seemingly unanswerable question “WHO AM I”?     


Truth is, your identity has been rooted in narratives you didn’t write.

This is especially true for women 

Because throughout history, women and girls have had to conform to the expectations and standards dictated by the narratives of patriarchy, respectability politics, 

European standards of beauty, 

racism, sexism, 


religion, or culture



Continuing to navigate your life by those old narratives, ideas, and beliefs means you are trapping yourself in anxiety, self-sabotage, and people pleasing behaviors that won’t allow you to get to the next level of your beautiful becoming.


Listen Friend, you’ve been stuck in someone else's script for long enough. It’s time to stop asking the question ‘who am I’, and start writing your own story so you can discover who you can be.


Are You Ready? 

What are clients saying...

“It was hard work because I really had to look at what I was unwilling to let go. It was hard to accept that I was holding onto some of this stuff as a matter of principle… Erika helped me be curious about those principles. When I figured out where they came from, I was shocked. It took me a few days to recover from the realization of what I was allowing to control me. Erika helped me replace that old stuff with values that I hadn’t been able to articulate before. I am discovering what it means to be authentically me… I didn't know I wasn’t being that before”.

What will YOUR transformation be?

Top West Hartford portrait Black woman Photographer Personal Branding vs headshot Portrait

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

― Viktor E. Frankl

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