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Because when
She Sheds She Evolves. 

And When She Evolves, Lives Change.


Erika Michelle Cherry, MS, LMHC

Collector of Stories

As women, many of our stories of identity are rooted in patriarchy, misogyny, racism, respectability politics, religion, culture, tradition, etc.


If we’re honest with ourselves, some of those stories hold us hostage to anxiety, silence, shame, procrastination, guilt, perfectionism...ALL THE THINGS.

But what would happen if we finally decided to shed those stories?
Would we realize their powerlessness?
How would our lives and relationships change? 

Would we find healing, or unlock growth and freedom? 

Who could we become? 

Meet me in the she-shed as we reclaim our power by using story to have vulnerable conversations about navigating life, overcoming obstacles, and shedding identities that no longer support who "SHE" is becoming.  We'll evolve together through STORYTELLING that HEALS, EMPOWERS, and DEVELOPS SISTERHOOD along the way.

So grab your tea, (or your tequila) and meet me over in the she shed 'cause

Erika Michelle Cherry Therapist Life Coach podcast host author speaker workshop presenter-

Check out these episodes to get started.

Ep. 00


Meet me in the SheShed for my very first podcast mini episode. Hear all about the inspiration behind this project! 

Ep. 01

Erika's Story Part 1 - Arkansas 

WHEW! Y'all, this episode lays the foundation of telling the TRUTH of my own story!

Erika Michelle Cherry SheSHEDS podcast i

Ep. 02

Erika's Story Part 2 - Washington 

Y'all, my move from the South to the Pacific Northwest was one of those life transitions that made me realize I wasn't as grown as  I thought I was!

"Erika listening to your podcast has been just incredible… I am crying with you… shedding with you… laughing with you. I know it's your story… but on some level I feel like it's kind of my story too. I feel like it's a collective story. Thank you for being so brave and authentic and sharing all the parts of you. It makes me realize I have so much to uncover and discover and shed… your voice and story makes it feel so possible. I can't wait to listen to the rest".
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