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Top West Hartford portrait Black woman Photographer Personal Branding vs headshot Portrait
Top West Hartford portrait Black woman Photographer Personal Branding vs headshot Portrait

Clinical Supervision and Consultations: Nurturing the Art and Science of Therapy

Clinical supervision is not just about overseeing clinical work; it's about nurturing the delicate balance between the art and science of therapy. I approach supervision with mindfulness, integration, collaboration, and a keen focus on intersectionality because, as clinicians, we bring our entire selves to the care we provide to clients. Mindful and Integrative Approach: In supervision, I encourage you to draw from your life experiences as we work together to harmonize your unique therapeutic style with well-established scientific treatments and ethical principles. This approach recognizes that the art of therapy is as essential as the science behind it. The Science of Therapy: The science of therapy involves competence in evidence-based methods, a thorough understanding of ethical codes, and a commitment to ongoing education as our field evolves. It's about having a strong foundation in the principles that guide our practice. The Art of Therapy: On the other hand, the art of therapy is the nuanced and individualistic aspect of our work. It's about knowing when to apply evidence-based methods and when to listen, empathize, support, reflect, or gently challenge a client to explore beyond their comfort zone. It's an opportunity for a co-creative experience to emerge between you and your clients, with each interaction being as unique as the individuals you serve. My Roles as a Clinical Supervisor: In my role as a clinical supervisor, I wear various hats: The Teacher: I provide education when needed, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills required for effective practice. The Counselor: I use counseling skills to guide you in exploring your responses, beliefs, feelings, and motivations that may influence your work. The Consultant: I offer alternative case conceptualizations to assist you in problem-solving client needs. The Mentor/Coach: I provide a supportive role, helping you build morale, assess your strengths and needs, suggest different clinical approaches, and promote self-care. I encourage your curiosity and nurture your clinical ideas. Group supervision is also available upon request and availability. My Qualifications: As an approved supervisor, I can attest to the following: I have completed over 30 hours of training in clinical supervision through continuing education (Northwest ATTC; December 2015 and February 2021). I have accumulated over 200 hours of experience in supervising clinical practice. I provided clinical supervision for counseling internship students at City University, Seattle, Washington, in Behavioral Health Inpatient and Partial Hospitalization settings. During this time, I conducted weekly case consultations and provided feedback based on Master of Arts in Counseling program outcomes and CACREP Standards specific to the Clinical Mental Health Counseling specialization. I am currently providing clinical supervision for Washington State clinicians in private practice. In our collaborative journey, I am here to support your growth as a therapist and empower you to provide the best care possible to your clients. Together, we will nurture both the art and science of therapy. From the WASHINGTON ADMINISTRATIVE CODE (WAC) For LICENSED MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPISTS AND LICENSED MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY ASSOCIATES (WAC 246-809-130) : At least two hundred hours of qualified supervision with an approved supervisor*. (i) Of the two hundred hours, one hundred hours must be with a licensed marriage and family therapist with at least five years of clinical experience; the other one hundred hours may be with an equally qualified licensed mental health practitioner; (ii) At least one hundred of the two hundred hours must be one-on-one supervision**; and (iii) The remaining hours may be in one-on-one or group supervision***. For LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELORS AND LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELOR ASSOCIATES (WAC 246-809-230): (3)(a) The experience requirement consists of a minimum of thirty-six months full-time counseling or three thousand hours of postgraduate mental health counseling under the supervision of a qualified licensed mental health counselor or equally qualified licensed mental health practitioner in an approved setting. (b) Of the three thousand hours: (i) One hundred hours spent in immediate supervision**** with the qualified licensed mental health counselor or equally qualified licensed mental health practitioner; and (ii) At least one thousand two hundred hours must be direct counseling with individuals, couples, families, or groups. (4) Applicants who have completed a master's or doctoral program accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) will be credited with fifty hours of postgraduate supervision and five hundred hours of postgraduate experience. * "Approved supervisor" means a licensed marriage and family therapist, or an equally qualified licensed mental health practitioner. (WAC 246-809-110) ** "One-on-one supervision" means face-to-face supervision with an approved supervisor, involving one supervisor and no more than two licensure candidates.(WAC 246-809-110) *** "Group supervision" means face-to-face supervision with an approved supervisor, involving one supervisor and no more than six licensure candidates. (WAC 246-809-110) **** "Immediate supervision" means a meeting with an approved supervisor, involving one supervisor and no more than two licensure candidates. (WAC 246-809-210)

Individual Therapy: Empower Your Journey to Wellness

Individual services are designed to empower you on your unique journey to wellness. I don't promise a magic formula to fix all the challenges in your world, but I commit to being your guide as you explore where you are right now. Together, we'll take the necessary steps to bring perspective, clarity, and balance back into your life. What to Expect During Our Time Together: Exploring Your Life Story: During our sessions, we'll delve into your past and current life experiences. By doing so, we can uncover the roots of emotional dysregulation and gain valuable insights into your journey. Building Emotional Awareness: I will guide you in building awareness around your body, specifically your emotional and physiological responses to conflicts and stressors. These responses hold clues to subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and expectations that may be influencing your emotions and behavior. Regaining Control: Understanding the subconscious nature of emotional dysregulation is the key to regaining control over your emotions and responses. Together, we'll work on strategies to empower you, so you're no longer controlled by your emotions or situations. Embracing Discomfort: The path of discovery and healing can be uncomfortable, and that's completely normal. We'll start our journey by identifying sustainable emotional regulation skills and self-care practices that align with your lifestyle and resources. The Therapeutic Process: Mental health therapy is a transformative process. It involves remembering past events, becoming aware of destructive behavior patterns, and deepening your understanding of your true self. Change and improvement take time, and your therapeutic outcome will be unique to you. It depends on your commitment and willingness to engage in the process. Rest assured, I'm here to walk alongside you as you discover your path to wellness.

 Evolve: Life Coaching and Strategy Sessions for WOC Entrepreneurs and Leaders. 

You already know your story and have done a lot of work to get where you are. You know change is an inevitable part of life and business, but you still need help navigating the changes that come in and seem to slow down or stop all forward motion. Navigating change can be especially challenging without a clear, value-driven, and strategic plan. I understand the unique journey of WOC entrepreneurs, and I’m here to guide you through these transitions. Life Coaching and Strategy Sessions empower you to EVOLVE to your next level by helping you: Avoid Burnout: Prevent burnout by creating a sustainable approach to change that prioritizes your well-being. Enhance Mental and Physical Health: Cultivate resilience and maintain your mental and physical health while facing business changes. Strengthen Personal Relationships: Your personal support team may not understand your unique entrepreneurial journey, Learn to communicate your needs to ensure your support system is strong. Boost Work Performance and Satisfaction: Action plans are tailored to your clearly articulated values and goals to optimize your work performance and overall satisfaction. Foster Effective Communication: You'll learn to foster effective and healthy communication within your team and networks, reducing toxicity. Optimize Resource Utilization: We'll guide you in efficiently using your time and resources, increasing productivity. Increase Impact: Strategies are designed to enhance your amplify your business's impact. Reduce Employee Turnover: By having clearly articulated values and goals, you create understanding and cohesiveness throughout the team - therefore decreasing employee turnover. Enhance Customer Satisfaction: When you feel aligned in your life and are doing the work you are called to, your overall quality of work/ service increases resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Why Choose an Empowerment Coach or Life Strategist to help Navigate Change? As a solopreneur or entrepreneur, YOU are the business, and there is often a fine line between where you end and the business begins. Having someone walk with you on this entrepreneurial journey helps bring balance by keeping you accountable to the boundaries that protect all aspects of you. You deserve to thrive in the face of change. Together, we can create a clear, intentional strategy to help you navigate change effectively and propel your business and life toward success.

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