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A mash- up of Therapy + Workshops designed to provide emotional regulation skills to the person who is in between therapist. 

Maybe your last therapist moved away, decided to close their practice, or raised their rates and the math ain’t mathin’ with your budget. Maybe your schedule doesn't allow you to commit to weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Or maybe,  you and your current therapist just don't vibe anymore. For whatever reason...

​You are in between mental health providers right now.

A part of you wants to find a new one, but the thought of retelling your story to again is overwhelming, anxiety provoking, and you are low-key throwing an adult temper tantrum because you remember how looong it took you to find the last therapist and you don’t want to go through the hassle of starting over just to realize this new person is not your person!

That’s exactly why you need to come to THERA-SHOP!

THERA-SHOP is a series of mini-workshops that highlight themes often brought up in real therapy sessions. The intent is to give attendees insights, tips, and tools that can be implemented into life situationships while in-between mental health providers.

THERA-SHOP is NOT meant to be therapy, However...

You don't even have to introduce yourself in the class.
(I see you introverts and empaths)  

THERA-SHOP will meet ...

Virtually - 5 nights in a row - for 1 hour sessions.

The first THERA-SHOP sessions will be held:

Monday July 8 thru Friday July 12, @ 6-7pm PST/8-9pm CST

Each session will be it's own stand alone session (meaning they won’t necessarily build upon each other) so attendees can choose which session to attend, OR can attend all 5.

At the end of each session, there will be a limited question answer period. We won’t be putting all our business out here in these zoom streets, but attendees will be able to ask clarifying questions related to the presented material. 

To ask more specific, slightly personal questions...

There will be a 1 hour VIP opportunity immediately after the main session. 


The VIP session will be limited to ONLY 5 attendees so that each person has an opportunity to ask a question and leave with a thoughtful (not considered therapy) answer or insight to their question. A separate zoom link will be emailed to each participant who opts-in to the VIP session.

VIP sessions are also NOT considered therapy. Think of VIP as your consult a licensed therapist opportunity. 

Investment Cost

*All THERA-SHOP sessions are prepaid, investments in YOU.
Please be intentional about your commitment to attend as there are
NO REFUNDS if you do not show up.

Erika Michelle Cherry Therapist Life Coach podcast host author speaker workshop presenter-

THERA-SHOP is Presented By 

Erika Michelle Cherry, MS, LMHC 
Therapist, Speaker, & Empowerment Coach
Founder of Awaken Wellness, PLLC 

Erika is passionate about empowering others to empower themselves, and in this series of workshops she is condensing her expertise into mini workshops  


Registration Now Open !!

 Sessions Start

July 8 - July 12, 2024 

6-7pm PST/ 8-9pm CST 

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