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ALIGN: Release Overwhelm & Rediscover You




2- 3 hours


About the Course


ALIGN is a workshop that explores the subconscious narratives that trap you in overwhelm and burnout. Learn 3 common behaviors that keep these subconscious narratives alive, and what you can do to start rewriting new narratives that align with your values and how you want to show up in your life, relationships, or business.

Living an intentionally aligned life puts you in a position to:

  • Confidently make decisions that are aligned with your values

  • Communicate your needs clearly (and courageously).

  • Bring balance, and ease to your life

  • Navigate emotional difficulties with confidence

  • Increase self-trust and self-validation (Because waiting on other people to validate you is exhausting and soul crushing).

  • Build a better relationship with YOURSELF! (Like for real tho’... wouldn’t it be amazing to silence the noise of other people’s expectations and judgements and finally center your OWN voice)?

Learning to value and embody ALIGNMENT puts the power of navigating life back in your control.

"Alignment is about positioning. Specifically, it is a position of agreement. It's about putting your mindset, actions, and environment in a position of AGREEMENT relative to the dreams and goals you have, or to the person you want to become" - Erika Michelle Cherry

Your Instructor

Erika Michelle Cherry

Erika Michelle Cherry

Erika is on a mission to empower women, especially women of color, to shed the narratives of social conditioning so they can create a life of intentional choices that lead to the most authentic, empowered versions of themselves in life and business.

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